Sociology Today extends a platform for social scientists to present socially significant, well-researched and theoretically compelling research articles and book reviews predominantly in the field of sociology. Each volume will consist of comprehensive commentary on emerging areas of sociological enquiry. Echoing the spirit of Interdisciplinarity, this Journal will not restrict itself to the   disciplinary boundaries. Any works that highlight socially relevant inputs from the cutting-edge of the field, in terms of theoretical, methodological, or topical areas, will be given equal consideration. Journal will follow a rigorous double-blind  peer reviewing policy.


The journal will be of interdisciplinary nature dealing with global and regional issues across the disciplines. Tentatively we have marked the following thrust areas:

  • Ways of knowing
  • Knowledge Production
  • Deliberation, decision-making, and uncertainty management
  • Boundary work
  • Professional debates and credibility contests
  • Contentious discourse and narratives
  • Biomedical ethics
  • Tension between social and biological perspectives
  • Science and religion in debate
  • Claims-making in social movements
  • Community disputes over knowledge and values
  • State legitimation of knowledge claims
  • Transnational knowledge flows
  • Inequality and resistance in knowledge production
  • Diffusion of ideas and innovation
  • Institutional supports and impediments to knowledge production
  • Technological advancement and the meaning of progress
  • Epistemological disputes in the social and natural sciences
  • The challenges of mixed methodologies
  • Objectivity versus activism in research
  • Intersectionality,Migration and Urban living
  • Queer perspective
  • Gerontology
  • Diasporic study


Two regular issues per year. Apart from these, Special Issues may be published.

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