Submission Guidelines

No Fees

We do not ask for money from author for publication. It is absolutely free to publish with us.

How to Submit

Send your submission to the Chief Editor Dr. Sudeshna Mukherjee at If you do not receive any confirmation of receipt after three days, resend the mail to the publisher at


File Types:
We process the following doc (text) files: Ms Word 97—2007, Open Office Documents. Normally we do not accept images or any graphic contents separately. Graphic materials need to be incorporated by the authors in the text document.

Format of the Articles:
Authors must follow the APA style ( (Quick guidelines can be found here).

Submission of the Files

Authors need to submit and upload two doc files

Best Practices for Authors:

  • Sign up with and send your ORCID Id to us.
  • Use institutional email id if possible.
  • Include a link to your profile on your institutional website if available.
  • In the Reference section, avoid including long URLs. Use DOI whenever available. Do not keep the links in blue underlined state. Remove underlined state and the color.

Word Limits

Research articles: 3000-5000 words including the Reference section. Articles beyond 5000 words will also be considered.

Book Reviews: Word-limit: 1500-3000 words

Editorial Help

Author can seek our assistance in preparing their submission. For this, author needs to specify this in advance. Our editorial staff will contact the author and try to solve any specific problem.


The journal is published in the English language and we accept both UK and US spellings. Authors should refrain themselves from using racist and sexist terms.

Visual Images

We encourage the authors to incorporate visual images like diagram, maps and pictures in their writings in innovative ways so that the reader get some sort of multimedia experience. All kinds of visual images should be treated as ‘Figures’, and if possible, authors are requested to present the figures in hyperlinked state.
Authors should note that they should get the permission from the concerned person or authority for reproducing the visual images before submission. We will not remain responsible for any kind of copyright violation on the part of the authors.

Peer Review

The Process:

  • The journal follows Double Blind Peer Review system.
  • Primarily the submitted articles are considered by the editors for the confirmation of the standard and the scope of the journal. If any submitted article fails to fulfill primary standard, the same will be rejected and the author will be communicated the decision promptly.
  • If the editors are satisfied, two or more reviewers are selected for detailed consideration of the articles.
  • Receipt of works is acknowledged instantly and automatically via the system. If you do not get any reply, resend the mail.

Review Time: We do NOT have any system for fast or rapid review nor do we encourage it. Decision on a submitted article along with reviewers’ comments is communicated to the author within 3 months. Authors should not send any query before the period is over. However, after three months of submission, if no decision is taken, authors can naturally withdraw and submit elsewhere.

Plagiarism Policy and Article Removal Policy

In case any article is found to have been plagiarized before publication, we will blacklist the author. Even after publication if any article is found to have been plagiarized or reported by anybody to be plagiarized, we will REMOVE the article with a notice for the misdeed of the author.