The Interconnectedness between Climate change and Tourism

Frank Odimegwu1 & Onyebukwa Chijioke Francis2

1Department of Politics & International Relations, North West University, Mafikeng,  South Africa. ORCID: 0000/0003-1653-6195. Email: frank

2Faculty of Human & Social Sciences, Department of Politics & International Relations, North West University, Mafikeng, South Africa. ORCID: 0000.0001-6086-0626. Email:

  Volume 1, Number 1, 2018 I Full Text PDF


The two way linkage between tourism and climate change has serious economic and developmental consequences in many areas globally. It is therefore of great essence to review and analyse the  existing literatures on the relationship between tourism and climate change in order to come to terms about the present of level of institutional and corporate involvement in the industry so as to establish a proper guideline for future research. Globally, very little attention has been paid to the issue of climate change impact on tourism. Generally speaking, the general corporate world and institutions are still lost on how to implement adaptation and mitigation measure. This is very crucial in order to assess the organizational determinants of these tools and their related outcomes. There is therefore the need to examine the choice of visitors as regards activities and destination, the effect of global warming and how it impacts their decision making ability. The existing studies is been based particularly on individual ability to address the effects of climate change on tourism.

Keywords: Climate Change, Tourism, Adaptation, Mitigation, Review, Literature